10 Funny Deepfake Videos That Went Viral On YouTube

Funny Deepfake Videos

10 Funny Deepfake Videos That Went Viral On YouTube

The entertainment world loves to create funny deepfake videos. The technology is a great source of inspiration for a lot of content creators on the internet, especially in YouTube videos. The many funny deepfake videos come in all shapes and sizes. From changing the actor in a classic movie, to making the American President say anything your heart desires.

This article will introduce you to an extremely interesting, but also hilarious part of what the mysterious Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are capable of. Remember, deepfake videos are barely taking off, so the best is probably yet to come. The top 10 funniest deepfakes selected by us are just a glimpse of what is possible.


Our Top 10 Funniest Deepfake Videos

The creativity of content creators with access to deepfake video creation technology is growing quickly. The top 10 YouTube videos listed below are a selection of some of the best deepfake videos out there at this moment. They are all parodies of original films, commercials, or compilations or TV shows, so you’ll be sure to find something familiar and fun to enjoy. Make sure to let us know which ones are your absolute favorite!


1. Home Stallone

One of the classics in the world of deepfake movie parodies is a spin-off of Home Alone. One small difference: kid movie star Macaulay Culkin’s face is replaced with that of Silvester Stallone, a well-known actor from the Rocky movie series. Take a look for yourself, it’s pretty hilarious:




The thing that makes this particular deepfake video so funny, is probably the altered face in combination with the extremely deep voice. Having deepfake audio included in these parodies makes the experience that much more interesting. YouTube creator Ctrl Shift Face is one of the more popular deepfake YouTubers out there right now. Definitely worth checking out sometime!


2. The Dark Knight’s Tale

People that enjoyed The Dark Knight and are into superhero movies will enjoy this one. The Dark Knight’s Tale tells the story of the Joker’s scars. How did he get those, anyway? The result of this spin-off is very well made and obviously worth a few minutes of your time, check it out below:




We’ll find multiple viral videos from creator Ctrl Shift Face in this overview, simply because they are so well-made and funny. If you’d like to create such videos yourself, you should certainly try playing around with a software called DeepFaceLab, which is exactly the software tool that was used to create the video above.


3. Dr. Phil But Everyone Is Dr. Phil

We’re going to have to spend a lot of people to the infamous ‘ranch’ for this funny deepfake clip. Dr. Phil is one of the most well-known TV-show hosts out there. His characteristic face and mustache makes it all the more interesting to see what creator Burrito Glasses did with manipulating this classic “Catch me outside, how about that?” deepfake meme clip:




We’ll have to forgive the slip-ups in several of the frames where the deepfake faces weren’t applied, but we are pretty sure the girl with Dr. Phil’s face will have you in stitches in no-time. It’s not very difficult to see why this spin-off from the classic meme went viral. Again.


4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Dora The Explorer

Put two opposites together and you’ll have one of the funniest deepfake videos on the internet, without ever having to put too much effort in. People of all ages know the massive success of Dora The Explorer, as well as the realistic spin-off movie (Dora and The Lost City of Gold) which was created based on the children’s TV show. And if you put The Rock’s face on Dora, you’ll know there’s an instant classic in that concept right away:




YouTube creator TheFakening did an amazing job transforming these two familiar concepts into one glorious masterpiece. It might just be the trailer that was transformed, but we can already imagine what the full deepfake movie based on Dora and Dwayne Johnson (better known as The Rock) would look like. Definitely worth a watch!


5. Baby Elon Musk Montage

Youtube is filled with funny baby montages that get millions of hits every day, so why not make one where every baby has Elon Musk’s face? That exactly what this is, and it’s absolutely glorious. We almost want to give a 100% laughing guarantee with this one, check it out below:




We are pretty sure this is what Elon’s kid X Æ A-12 is doing right now. The compilation is already nearing a million views at the time of writing, and it’s probably the pinnacle of deepfake entertainment videos. It can’t get much better than this: viral YouTube content combined with viral billionaire visionary entrepreneurs.

Once you’re done laughing about baby Elon Musk deepfakes created by TheFakening, also give some love to the original video compilation creator AndrewSchrock. That way, you’ll be able to see all the things that were changed in the deepfake version.


6. Ron Swanson As Wednesday Addams

The Addams Family is more than famous all over the world, but so is Ron Swanson’s fabulous mustache (probably). And the best course of action for deepfake creators obviously is to put that big mustache on the girliest character in the Addams family: Wednesday. The super funny result speaks for itself:




Deepfake YouTube creator Speaking of AI has also used voice synthesizing software, which makes the deepfake all the more realistic. The speech patterns match up in a near-perfect way, making the hilarious video a good showcase of what deepfake tech is actually capable of already.


7. Hitler And Stalin Having A Great Time

This parody is probably one of the most controversial deepfake videos out there, but nonetheless still very catchy and funny. Take some of the worst historical figures in human history, Hitler and Staling, and let them sing a happy song. This is what that ends up being:




YouTube creator Borked literally made history come to life in the funniest way with this song. It’s their first upload on the platform, but it’s obvious to see that if any other will get uploaded later, they will also become instant classics. This one is a high-effort and high-quality deepfake song, so do make sure to check it out. You won’t regret it.


8. J’Adore Starring Mr. Bean

Making fun of perfume commercials is always a good idea, because they are so overly classy. Put someone silly and blunt in those types of commercial videos and you have an instant classic. Dior J’Adore and Mr. Bean is a recipe for good laughs, it’s almost a no-brainer. Check it out in the YouTube video below:




This beauty was created by YouTuber crookedpixel, which definitely needs some extra love for his funny deepfakes. He’s pumping them out like crazy and quite a lot of them are pretty fun to watch! It’s another very good showcase of what the simple use of deepfake software is capable of in this day and age.


9. Terminator Learns How To Smile

Sorry, we have to add another one of those instant classics from Ctrl Shift Face here. We have to, because this short clip is simply one of the better cross-overs on the web. This time, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator, with the face of Silvester Stallone. The facial expressions definitely make this clip, so make sure to watch it until the end:




If you watch closely, you can see some deepfake overlay rendering at the beginning of the clip. It showcases the importance of letting the algorithm take it’s time to perfect the videos it renders. The more rendering time is used, the more realistic the final result will be.

It’s these types of very subtle errors that give away the fact that it’s actually a deepfake. The trained eye can spot them from a mile away, but that won’t always be the case as the technology progresses. But despite the subtle clues, it certainly doesn’t make this one any less funny, that’s for sure!


10. Donald Trump In Toddlers And Tiara’s

As the US President with the most expressive face, Donald Trump is someone that lends himself very well for deepfake videos. His predecessor Obama has been used a lot too, but we feel like Trump’s facial expressions simply make deepfakes about him hilarious. Especially when you place The Don in the surreal universe of TLC’s Toddlers and Tiara’s:




It’s another beauty created by TheFakening, and the contrast had us laughing hard immediately. Trump proudly stating that he’s a beautiful princess is simply one of the weirdest things the man has said. And he surely did say a lot of unique things in his presidential career. Highly recommended to watch in case you’re in dire need of a good laugh!


Funny Deepfake Videos: An Opportunity For Entertainers

The overview of some of the funnies deepfakes on the internet hopefully made you laugh. It’s a great way to view old classics in a new way. The entertainment industry, especially on YouTube, is adopting the technology very fast. Just a few years ago, deepfake content didn’t exist on video websites.

It surely is a great opportunity for individual content creators to tinker around with the deepfake software. The tools can be found free and open-source on the internet, so feel free to try it out yourself sometime. And make sure to let us know what your favorite funny deepfake video was from the overview! Share which ones made you laugh the most in the comments below this article, or add another funny deepfake video of your choice that we might have missed.

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