10 Crazy Deepfake Apps That Will Make You Question Reality

Best Deepfake Apps Android iOS

10 Crazy Deepfake Apps That Will Make You Question Reality

If you’re looking for some of the best deepfake apps for both Android and iOS platforms, this article is for you. Take media on your phone or tablet and transform it anyway you like with these easy-to-use applications.

All you need to do is navigate to the download store on your device, download the app of your choice, and you can get started making your own deepfakes!

We picked ten of the best deepfake app choices available today, so you can try to create your own ‘altered content’ from the comfort of your own home. The user experience in some of the applications make it easy for anyone to start making deepfakes.

Are Deepfake Apps Worth It?

Several deepfake apps have already gone viral, but are they worth a download for the average person? We think they are, because you’ll get a good insight into what is possible in terms of media manipulation with just a simple piece of software.

While the consumer-focused apps are mainly used for entertainment purposes only, they will help spread the awareness of the concept of deepfakes throughout society, helping people become more critical of the media landscape around them.

Deepfake apps have an important role to play in this regard, which is why we would wholeheartedly recommend trying out a few of the applications listed in this article for yourself. See what you can do with them and how easy it is to take a real image, audio file, or video file and convert it into something else completely.

Best Deepfake Apps For iOS & Android

We compiled the list of what we believe to be the 10 best deepfake apps available today. With much care, we were able to gather the currently most popular iOS and Android apps focused on deepfake media and related themes. While not all applications might be available on all platforms and for all global regions, they are among the top consumer-based deepfake apps out there.

1. Zao

Zao is an originally Chinese deepfake face swap app that went viral across the web for a long period of time when it first came out. Just like the face swap filter for Snapchat, Zao allows two people two switch their faces, which allows users to end up with some seriously hilarious results. You can use Zao to immerse your own facial features into your favorite TV shows and movies.

The app quickly became somewhat controversial because of privacy concerns, which created a massive backlash across the web. Creators of the app stated in their privacy policy that all rights of the images inserted into the app were their own. This basically meant: if you use the app with your own face, you no longer can stop the creators from using your face for whatever purpose they like. Zao has responded to the concerns and has since adapted its original privacy policy.

At the moment of writing, Zao is only available on Apple devices that run iOS. Android versions are being developed, but will be available at a later point in time. No release date is known yet for this version of the app.

2. Doublicat

Second on our list is Doublicat, which is an app that advertises itself as a face swap AI tool for GIF images. It’s a great way to put your own twist on those reaction GIFs that you can send in any chat app while chatting.

Snap a quick picture of your own face, select a GIF from the massive resource that is available on any phone keyboard, and Doublicat does the rest.

The app will combine your own face with the movements and facial features inside the GIF, and it will do so very quickly. Although it’s not always very realistic or accurate, the added value is in the personalization of the GIFs you can send to your friends and family while chatting. The nice thing is the fact that you can send AI-generated GIFs you created with Doublicat to more than one friend at the same time. Talk about efficiency!

Doublicat was created by NEOCORTEXT INC. and is available for both iOS and Android smartphones, so pretty much anyone can give it a try. The app is a quick free download and it’s received very well by the many thousands of users, judging from the already published list of user reviews in both the Apple app store and Android Marketplace.

3. FaceApp

Ever wanted to transform your face using Artificial Intelligence with just one tap? The deepfake app known as FaceApp claims to be able to do this for you, with some added effects and filters.

The primary function of the FaceApp tool is to use it for facial improvement, i.e. as a replacement for photoshop. However, deepfake technology is used to alter your appearance as well:

  • Make people smile: Took a picture where you look kind of angry? No worries, the deepfake filter will transform your face to show your beautiful smile to the world.
  • Meet your future self: The Snapchat filter version of this already went viral, but FaceApp allows you to do this as well in an instant.
  • Look younger: The reverse is also true, if you’re annoyed by some old-age wrinkles in your face, the filters can help you out by removing them for you.
  • Change your style: If you forgot to wear make-up, need some extra brightness, or want a change of clothing, the style changer will help you out with just a few taps.

The app has already been mass-downloaded (the number of reviews runs into the millions on both platforms), and it’s being perceived very well overall. The four-and-a-half star rated deepfake app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Morphin

Morphin advertises itself as a CGI GIF studio, but it’s essentially a similar app to Doublicat. The popular app Morphin enables you to utilize the GIF reactions that you can access through the keyboard function on your phone and make them your own.

That means snapping a picture of your own face, and pasting it onto a GIF reaction image. The app software will do the rest for you and layer your face on top of the original face used in the GIF.

By searching tags you can quickly and easily find your favorite GIFs. The quality of those GIFs is improved with the app software, so the end result looks better.

It’s a great alternative to the more popular and widely-used Doublicat, as the function is essentially the same. The Morphin deepfake GIF app is available on both iOS and Android devices, so anyone with a smartphone can try this app from the company URANIOM out for free.

5. Jiggy

Ever wanted to make anyone dance? The deepfake app called Jiggy helps you do this through the use if moving GIF images. Jiggy specializes in making people dance, so prepare to be entertained with some dance moves when you start using this app.

Select the dance moves you’d like to make, put your face in the GIF image, and get moving. Choosing a dance is as simple as choosing from a list of moving images. Tap it, and the app will auto-generate a deepfake moving GIF of your face on someone else’s moving body.

The deepfake dance app Jiggy is available on Apple’s iOS, as well as all Android devices. There is no price for this deepfake app, it is absolutely free to use for all people that are interested in it.

6. Celebrity Face Morph

If you’re a huge fan of Jack Sparrow, Wolverine, Iron Man or many other celebrity figures from movies, Celebrity Face Morph will be the perfect deepfake app for you. Choose from a huge list of celebrities and snap a picture of your face to morph into them. This includes movie stars, sports celebrities, as well as politicians. Even animal face morph is possible.

Celebrity Face Morph uses powerful image recognition technology and advanced AI neural networks for morphing that works instantly and doesn’t require any type of photoshop skills. The AI in the app will do all the work for you, all you need to do is choose and import your own face into the app.

It’s a great way to make someone else laugh, so feel free to share your creations with friends or family. The deepfake app is completely free to use on both Android and iOS devices.

7. Carica

Did Doublicat and Morphin do nothing for you? You should try out Carica, another GIF-based deepfake app that also allows videos to be used for your deepfake pleasure.

Upload any of your own GIFs or videos of yourself or other people you know and start creating your very own deepfakes on the go. All from the comfort of your own smartphone.

All you need to do is take a picture of your own face, and use it on either a GIF or a video of your liking. Watch yourself become a superhero, baby or celebrity movie star in an instant. No need for complicated rendering processes or software you can’t get the hang of.

Carica is the newest popular deepfake app that is taking the world by storm, and will be available for both Android and iOS devices. At the time of writing, the Android version is still in development and possibly unavailable, but will be released on this app platform very soon. The Apple iOS version of the app is already available.

8. Face Swap Live

If you think swapping your face with that of your friend or family is hilarious, this is a great app to try. The options of Face Swap Live go far beyond what was possible in the temporary free filter on Snapchat, which used a similar principle of swapping facial features with another person.

It’s also possible to try this swapping feature by yourself and use it on existing images or videos. Apart from all this, there is a separate Mast Costume Mode that allows you to pick any type of outfit you want, from hats to scarfs and from beards to glasses.

Unfortunately, not all apps for face swapping are completely free, but the quality features should make up for the small price of $0.99 USD for the premium features. Face Swap live is available on both Android and iOS devices for this small price, but there is also a free version with limited options available.

9. Deep Art Effects

This one is the perfect choice for artists around the world. The app Deep Art Effects transforms your images and videos into works of neural art. Editing images using AI has never been easier. Image processing using neural networks will give artists the freedom they need to refine pieces of art any way they see fit.

Please note that this is a more advanced piece of software than the average app on this list, and there is somewhat of a learning curve. You can even use the API to import your own complex filters or add-ons for improved image technology.

Next to the PC-based software of Deep Art Effects, there is also an app available that will allow you to edit images and videos on the go. The app is totally free for anyone to use and can be used on both the iOS and Android app stores. Millions of people have already tried the many filter options of this application, so why not give it a go yourself?

10. Collage.Click Face Switch

Swapping your own face with that of someone you know is pretty hilarious, and it makes for a memorable picture that can be shared with friends and family. The app Collage.Click Face Switch claims to be the best face swap app on smartphones, and it’s totally free to use so you can be the judge of that without any hassle.

Whereas regular face swap apps simply use a circle to capture the facial features and place them in a GIF or video, Collage Click will actually follow the facial features without a pre-determined shape and place them naturally into another image or video.

The Face Swap Collage.Click app is available for both iOS and Android devices without any cost attached to it, so make sure to give it a try and compare it to the deepfake image quality of some of the other applications on this list!

Choosing The Best Deepfake App For Your Phone

We hope you found some good entertainment in this list of best deepfake apps on Android and iOS, because there is a lot of easy-to-use and simple stuff to find on both platforms. They are a good and usually very entertaining way to get introduced into the world of deepfakes.

Sadly, as of today the list of decent application is pretty much limited to the ones we listed in this article. At the moment of writing, not much else is available for e.g. the creation of deepfake videos on your smartphone, which would be a huge step up in terms of availability of deepfakes.

Maybe its for the better, because deepfakes are controversial and sometimes used as a tool for media manipulation. Giving the general public the power to bend the truth in their favor can have serious consequences. That’s why we just want to enjoy the simple, entertaining apps that aren’t a risk to society – most apps on this list produce content that clearly shows others they’re dealing with deepfake content. That’s how we like to see it and that’s how we hope it stays for a long time to come.

In the meantime, enjoy these deepfake apps and let us know which one is your favorite choice!

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