The 5 Best Face Morphing Apps For iPhone & Android

Best Face Morph Apps IPhone Android

The 5 Best Face Morphing Apps For iPhone & Android

For most people, deepfakes are just a lot of good fun. If you’re looking for some deepfake face swap entertainment, a good place to start are the best face morphing apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices that we’re going to explore in this article.

We are pretty sure some of these will sound familiar to you, but others will be completely new and exciting! That’s exactly why it’s worth trying them all out, since most of the apps on the list are free to try anyway. There are a lot of fun things you can do with apps like these. Most of the tools used in the apps will showcase the massive potential for face swap technology.


What Are Face Swap Apps?

The purpose of most face swap or face morph apps is to switch up the faces of the user with another person. This can be either the other person that is visible in the same image, or a person that is provided by the app itself.

Face swap apps use filters to allow users to be creative with morphing their face into whatever filter they desire. Examples of filters can be looking older, younger, changing your face into that of a celebrity, or adding bunny ears, dog snouts, or other facial decorations.


Best Face Morph Apps For iPhone And Android

The popularity of face morphing applications on both iPhone and Android devices has exploded in recent years. We found some of the best options to choose from for iOS or Android platforms. We are more than certain you will find your personal favorite face swap apps on this list. So let’s dive right into the applications and where you can get them!


1. FaceApp

Price: Free, optional Pro at a monthly cost

Platform: iOS


FaceApp is one of the most popular face-swapping apps on iOS devices with well over 500 million downloads worldwide. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the app allows the user to modify both images and videos. These can be uploaded straight to your Instagram or Snapchat account for instant sharing pleasure!

Not only is it possible to change backgrounds, modify the image to seem older or younger, but you can also change the impression of the image as a whole. The AI algorithm used under the hood of this app makes the content seamless and almost hyper-realistic. It’s almost as if you have a real deepfake creator in your pocket, without any hassle or cost.

If you’d like to add more features, you have the option to upgrade to FaceApp Pro. This is a monthly subscription plan (about 5 dollars a month), that gives the user access to more stylish filters, special features, and Pro content that is created especially for Pro users.

You can download FaceApp for iPhone and iPad using this link.


2. Face Swap Live

Price: $1.99 USD

Platform: iOS, Android


Created by Laan Labs, the Face Swap Live app is available on all popular mobile platforms. The promise of the creator is simple: gain the ability to switch faces with a friend or photo in real-time. This creative tool can also be used in a video format, allowing the user to switch faces with a celebrity in their favorite movie scenes.


Obviously, there are many ways to let your creative juices flow. Use filters to add objects like hats or glasses to your face, change certain aspects of the video you’d like to star in, or simply give your friend a beautiful mustache.

Where the competition only allows users to apply filters on already existing content, Face Swap Live gives you the option to do it in real-time with the camera function. The video feed on your phone or tablet can be used to instantly put you in your favorite movie scene. What a time to be alive!

Get Face Swap live for Android here, or for iOS here.


3. B612

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android


The app B612 might sound a little strange because of its name, but it absolutely is an application for mobile devices that allows you to face swap. It was originally designed as a beauty and filter camera for taking selfies, with the option of face morphs.

After starting the application, simply tap the Smiley icon to access the face swap option in the menu. It’s a real-time camera feature, so it’s not designed to be used after a picture or video is made. Also, make sure to have at least two faces in your shot for the functionality to have its desired effect. You can make both selfie pictures and videos with B612.

It’s completely free to download, so do check it out. Get it on Android here and iOS here.


4. Face Morph

Price: Free

Platform: Android


Android fans that are looking for a decent deepfake app pay attention! Face Morph is the perfect way to express your creativity with many types of different filters, adaptations, and face swap functionalities. It’s very easy to use and you can save the results (both image and video) on your phone with a few taps on the screen.

The automatic face detection feature makes it easier for the user to start morphing into whatever you’d want to be. You can even start blending your face with a celebrity, your friend’s face, or even animals or fantasy figures. Anything you can image can be swapped and added as a filter.

Face Morph is an Android-exclusive app which can be downloaded here.


5. Cupace

Price: Free

Platform: Android


The Android app Cupace is an extremely fun face morphing application created by Picmax. You have the ability to cut and paste photos using the editor. Create memes out of your own images, add something funny or swap the faces of all your friends!

It’s possible to add stickers, text, or zoom on certain parts. Obviously, the main part of this application is the photo editing tool, which allows you to adapt an image in any way you desire. Save your creations in the Face Gallery, and re-use the results on other pictures without much hassle.

And this app wouldn’t be complete with an easy-to-use way to share your edited images on social media. With just a simple tap on the screen, you have it displayed on your Instagram Stories, Facebook timeline, or shared in Snapchat, Whatsapp, Weechat, or Telegram with a friend.

Cupace is completely free to use on all Android devices and can be downloaded here. Please note that the free version of these applications does have a considerable amount of advertising.


6. MixBooth

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android


Ever heard of AgingBooth, Fatbooth, Baldbooth, UglyBooth, or Boothstache? We didn’t either, but Mixbooth is the next in line from the creators of all these uniquely named apps. PiVi & Co have done their best to provide you with the best of the best of all the aforementioned, and much more!

It’s by far one of the funniest ways to merge faces with a tap on the screen. Editing is a fun creative process and the final results can be shared in a multitude of ways (from email to MMS or social media). The process is extremely simple thanks to the auto-cropping with the face detection feature. Simply import the images from your camera app and you’re all set.

Do make sure you pick images where faces are detectable by the automatic face detection feature, otherwise, it’s possible that an image won’t be usable inside the application.

The entertaining app is available for Android here, iPhone users can get the iOS version here.


7. Snapchat

Price: Free

Platform: iOS, Android


Last but not least we’d like to put the spotlight on Snapchat: we probably all know this one by heart. Periodically, the many filters on this extremely popular messaging service get replaces. But one thing always remains possible: the option to add filters and swap faces with friends.

We probably don’t have to explain much about this application, because most of your friends will have it on their phone already! But to make sure you are aware of the face morph option within the many filter options in this app, do make sure to take a deep dive into the menu every once in a while. You can start swapping faces with your friends or add filters in real-time!

Snapchat is available on all popular platforms for free. Get it on iPhone here or download the Android version here. Please note that there is some amount of advertising on the application.


Face Morphing Apps: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Now that you have a good overview of the many possibilities in the world of face morphing apps, we would love to know which ones you tried out and loved the most! Let us know by reacting or leaving a comment on this article.

Remember that most applications are intended for entertainment purposes only, so please make sure to ask permission from your friends, colleagues or family to be featured in your wonderful creations. That way everyone is able to enjoy the fun that comes with the masterpieces you are now able to create with a simple tap on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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